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I don’t know where you usually buy your ebooks, but I buy mine from the Kobo bookstore. They have alot of books to choose from and they’re cheaper than at Amazon and other suppliers I’ve tried.

The ebooks that you buy can also be read using your computer, tablet (iPad) or smartphone. All you have to do is download a free reading app that you install on the device you want to use. Currently the following smartphones are supported iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Prē and Android. Hopefully they will add support for the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it becomes available shortly.

The format of the ebooks is ePub so all ereaders that support the ePub format can be used to read the ebooks. The ereaders you can use include: Barnes & Noble Nook, COOL-ER Classic, Sony PRS-300, Sony PRS-505, Sony PRS-600, Sony PRS-700BC, Bookeen (Cybook Opus, Gen 3), Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro, Elonex eBook 600, Asktak (EZ Reader, EZ Reader Pocket Pro, Mentor), BeBook (One, Mini), HanLin eBook (V3, V5), IREX Digital Reader 1000S and Neolux NUUT2.

As you can see you don’t need a Kobo ereader in order to take benefint from this amazing bookstore. Go check it out today and save some money.

You can visit the Kobo Bookstore by clicking the image below:

Kobo Bookstore

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